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Double Vision

Double Vision

Optimizing Vision in Cases of Double Vision

Treating Double Vision with Specialty Contact Lenses

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Double vision, or diplopia, occurs when a person sees two images of a single object. This condition can be constant or occasional, and the causes can range from mild to severe.

There are two main types of double vision which may occur. An easy way to tell the cause of the double vision is to close one eye. If you still see double vison, it’s likely that this is caused by a corneal abnormality. If you only see double vision with both eyes open, then the likely cause is an issue with your eye muscles.

We have experience successfully treating double vision with scleral contact lenses. We utilize advanced and specialized technology which collects up to 240,000 unique data points in order to design a fully customized specialty contact lens. This technology combined with longer than normal exam slots, and one-on-one interaction from an experienced and caring doctor allow for the best possible outcome for patients with double vision.

Optimizing Vision for Individuals With Double Vision

As a quick (and overly simplistic) rule of thumb, if a patient has double vision with both eyes open, a likely treatment option will be to add some prism to a scleral contact lens, which adjusts for any issues with the patient’s eye muscles. Alternatively, if a patient has double vision with one eye open, prism may not be needed, and a scleral lens will help the cornea by providing a regular surface for light to pass through.

  • Eye Misalignment – Conditions such as strabismus, where the eyes are not properly aligned, can result in double vision
  • Refractive Errors – Uncorrected or incorrectly corrected refractive errors, such as astigmatism or anisometropia, can contribute to double vision
  • Neurological Issues – Conditions affecting the nerves or muscles controlling eye movement, such as cranial nerve palsies or myasthenia gravis, may lead to double vision
  • Corneal Irregularities – Distortions in the cornea’s shape, often due to conditions like keratoconus, can cause double vision
  • Corrective Lenses – Prescription glasses can address refractive errors which may be contributing to double vision
  • Vision Therapy – Exercises and therapies aimed at improving eye coordination and alignment
  • Prism Lenses – Prismatic glasses or lenses can manipulate light entering the eyes, aligning the images and reducing double vision
  • Surgery – In some cases, surgical interventions may be recommended to correct misalignments or address underlying issues
  • Specialty Contact Lenses – Scleral lenses are becoming more popular ways in managing double vision, and prism can be added as part of the scleral lens

If you have any questions about scleral lenses for the treatment of double vison, we are available for a free phone consultation and can be reached at (704) 800-5230 or

Why Choose Charlotte Contact Lens Institute
for Optimizing Vision with Double Vision?

The Team

The team at Charlotte Contact Lens Institute are experts in correcting vision for patients where crisp vision has proven elusive. What some may call “difficult to fit” is our typical patient.

Advanced Technology

Our office is one of a few practices in the country that is equipped with the Pentacam AXL Wave and Optovue Solix OCT, which greatly aid in the design of complex custom specialty contacts.

Unlimited Answers

We allow for enough time for thorough comprehensive exams, and plenty of time for answering questions. No rushing in and out here.

We Focus on Unique Eyes

Our office is equipped to offer advanced specialty contact lenses to individuals who require tailored and custom-designed solutions.

Access to the Doctor

Our doctors are available to answer questions you have after your exam, and will make sure you have the information needed in order to ensure the best possible outcome.


We keep our overhead costs low and offer very competitive prices as a result. We have monthly payment options available and also accept CareCredit™, HSA, & FSA.



Our doctors are nationally recognized for their expertise in utilizing specialty contact lenses, and one use of specialty contact lenses is to treat double vision. Our doctors have focused their career on the latest applications and options for fitting specialty contact lenses and they regularly present to other doctors at both local and national meetings.

There are options for managing vision in cases of double vision, including adding prism to glasses or lenses, specialty contact lenses, and the use of vision therapy. During an initial comprehensive exam, the doctor will discuss all available options. One of the benefits of visiting Charlotte Contact Lens Institute is the amount of one-on-one time with the doctor, which allows for plenty of time to ask questions and evaluate all options.