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Therapeutic Lenses

Therapeutic Contact Lenses

Potential Benefits Include Reducing Light Sensitivity, Migraine Relief, Promoting Healing, and More

Therapeutic Contact Lenses

- Offering Treatment WAY Beyond
the Limits of Ordinary Lenses

Therapeutic contact lenses are a specialized category of contact lens designed to address specific eye conditions or provide therapeutic benefits beyond traditional vision correction. Some common types of therapeutic contact lenses include tinted or colored lenses which reduce light sensitivity and/or offer migraine relief, bandage contact lenses, and scleral lenses which are prescribed for therapeutic abilities, such as to promote healing from severe dry eye.

Patients who are considering a therapeutic lens often require a skilled doctor who has the time to investigate the details of the situation to understand the root cause of the issue.

Charlotte Contact Lens Institute is well-equipped for these types of situations. Our doctors have experience with prescribing many different types of therapeutic contact lenses for different types of eye conditions. Additionally, patients spend 100% of their time one-on-one with the doctor, and we feature advanced and unique technology, in-depth exams, and plenty of times for answering questions.

The Top Doctor for Therapeutic Contact Lenses in Charlotte

Specialty contact lenses can be used in various therapeutic ways, depending on the patient’s current eye condition, goals for their vision, lifestyle, and many more factors. For example, did you know there are contact lenses available specifically for relief of migraines?

Our doctors pride themselves on the breadth of their knowledge of the many applications for specialty contact lenses, and they are available to discuss your situation more if you are interested.

Listed below are the main ways that contact lenses can be used therapeutically, but this is not an exhaustive list, and Charlotte Contact Lens Institute specializes in new and unique applications of therapeutic contact lenses. 

Some of the common uses of specialty contact lenses for therapeutic purposes include:

  • Photophobia – Tinted contact lenses can help individuals who are sensitive to light (photophobic) by reducing the amount of light that enters the eye.More info can be found here (insert link to light sensitivity condition page).
  • Color Vision Deficiency – Some tinted contact lenses are designed to enhance color perception for individuals with certain types of color vision deficiencies (color blindness).
  • Visual Stress and Migraines – Tinted lenses, specifically precision-tinted lenses, are sometimes prescribed to people who experience visual stress or migraines triggered by certain visual patterns
  • Promoting Healing – Bandage contact lenses are used to protect the cornea and promote healing in cases of corneal abrasions, epithelial defects, or after certain eye surgeries.
  • Severe Dry Eye – Scleral contact lenses offer therapeutic benefits for severe dry eye, as they provide a reservoir of fluid between the lens and the cornea, promoting hydration and comfort. More info can be found here.

Why Charlotte Contact Lens Institute for
Therapeutic Contact Lenses?

The Team

The team at Charlotte Contact Lens Institute are experts in fitting unique and specialized therapeutic contact lenses for treatment of a variety of conditions.

Advanced Technology

Our office is one of a few practices in the country that is equipped with the Pentacam AXL Wave and Optovue Solix OCT, which aid in the design and (potential) adjustment of therapeutic contact lenses.

Specializing in Therapeutic and Tinted Contact Lenses

We do not offer traditional eye exams for “normal” eyes, and instead, a large percentage of our patients come to looking for advanced and customized options, including contact lenses that offer therapeutic benefits.

Access to the Doctor

Our doctors are available to answer questions you have after your exam, and will make sure you have the information needed in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

Unlimited Answers

We allow for enough time for thorough comprehensive exams, and plenty of time for answering questions. No rushing in and out here.


We keep our overhead costs low and offer very competitive prices as a result. We have monthly payment options available and also accept CareCredit™, HSA, & FSA.



Charlotte Contact Lens Institute specializes in specialty contact lenses and their wide-ranging applications for providing therapeutic benefits. Our doctors take the time to truly understand the situation and evaluate multiple potential treatment options. From the moment you first walk through the door, it’s clear to see that Charlotte Contact Lens Institute prides itself on customer service and delivering the best potential visual outcome for their patients.

Our doctors are leaders in their field and Dr. Cerenzie has been honored with the distinction of Fellow of the Scleral Lens Education Society (FSLS), which is bestowed on advanced level practitioners within the specialty lens industry. In fact, currently there are only approximately 300 members worldwide of this elite group of specialty contact lens doctors.