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Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye Disease

Providing Dry Eye Treatment Options Beyond Artificial Tears

Treating Dry Eye Disease in Charlotte

Where Advanced Technology Meets Compassionate Care

In even moderate cases, dry eye disease can be extremely debilitating. If severe enough, it is common for patients to experience feelings including, but not limited to, anxiety, anger, fear, frustration, depression and/or suicidal thoughts.

The good news is there ARE many dry eye treatment options available to patients, including some technologies which have only been around for a few years and/or recently increased in popularity. For this reason, even if you’ve been evaluated for dry eye disease before, there may be new treatment options available!

Our doctors have significant experience in certain types of dry eye treatment options, including specialty contact lenses, punctal plugs, and the use of amniotic membrane. In fact in the past our doctors have traveled to other doctor’s offices in Charlotte to see their advanced dry eye patients, as a traveling specialist.

Expertise with dry eye disease is an integral part of fitting specialty contact lenses, and our doctors have given lectures and presentations to other doctors on the topic of dry eye disease treatment options.

Looking for More Information on Dry Eye Treatment in Charlotte?

There are around 70 different causes of dry eye, each with their own underlying factors, symptoms, and treatment options. In most cases there are a combination of factors that are contributing to an individual’s dry eye.

With 70 or so different causes of dry eye, it makes sense that there are also many different treatment options, depending on the main cause of your dry eye.

Charlotte Contact Lens Institute specializes in providing a portion of the different treatment options for dry eye, but in certain cases we will refer to another provider.  One of the unique aspects of our office is the advanced technology we have for dry eye imaging, which allows you to better see and understand the cause of your unique type of dry eye, and also allows the doctor advanced tools for diagnosis.

One option for treatment of dry eye is the use of specialty contact lenses, such as scleral lenses.  Scleral contact lenses offer a significant advantage for patients suffering from dry eye disease, particularly for those who have previously experienced intolerance to soft contact lenses. These larger, custom-fitted lenses vault over the entire corneal surface, creating a tear-filled reservoir between the lens and the eye.

This design not only ensures that the eye remains moist and comfortable throughout the day, but also reduces irritation and the feeling of dryness. For patients who have struggled with the discomfort of dry eyes while using traditional soft lenses, scleral lenses can be a game-changer, providing both improved comfort and enhanced visual clarity. Their unique design makes them an ideal solution for managing dry eye symptoms effectively, offering patients a new level of relief and a better quality of life.

Additional information on the use of scleral lenses for treatment of dry eye is available here.

Patients often mention how pleased they are with the thoroughness of dry eye examinations at Charlotte Contact Lens Institute.  An initial dry eye examination is roughly 60 minutes of one-on-one time with the doctor.  This time is used to gain a comprehensive overview of the patient’s lifestyle, and contributing factors, and specialized technology is used to gain insight into the cause behind the dry eye disease. 

The good news is that Charlotte Contact Lens Institute combines longer than usual exam times with doctor expertise and specialized technology to deliver results that can make a huge difference in a dry eye patient’s life.

A Step-by-Step of a Dry Eye Exam at Our Office

Below is listed the step-by-step process that we follow for dry eye exams at Charlotte Contact Lens Institute.


Lipid Layer Thickness

Tear Meniscus Height

Non-Invasive Tear Break Up Time

Corneal Staining

Inflammation Grading

Eyelid Margin Assessment

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Why Choose Charlotte Contact Lens Institute
for Dry Eye Treatment in Charlotte?

The Team

The team at Charlotte Contact Lens Institute have experience with offering dry eye treatment options for hundreds of individuals, including specialty contact lenses, punctal plugs IPL, and amniotic membrane.

Advanced Technology

Our office is one of a few practices in the country that is equipped with the Pentacam AXL Wave, Optovue Solix OCT, and Firefly slit lamp, which greatly aid in understanding the cause of your dry eye.

Unlimited Answers

We allow for enough time for thorough comprehensive exams, and plenty of time for answering questions. No rushing in and out here.

We Focus on Unique Eyes

Our office is equipped to offer advanced solutions to individuals who require tailored and custom-designed solutions.

Access to the Doctor

Our doctors are available to answer questions you have after your exam, and will make sure you have the information needed in order to ensure the best possible outcome.


We keep our overhead costs low and offer very competitive prices as a result. We have monthly payment options available and also accept CareCredit™, HSA, & FSA.



Our office has advanced technology for the diagnosis of dry eye disease and in many cases we will be able to provide several different dry eye treatment options. During an initial comprehensive exam, the doctor will discuss the latest options for managing dry eye disease, even if we don’t offer that particular treatment option in our office. One of the benefits of visiting Charlotte Contact Lens Institute is the amount of one-on-one time with the doctor, which allows for plenty of time to ask questions and evaluate all options.